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Keep up with all the latest news from the Lemonade Bakery.  Find out about new cookie clubs, seasonal cookie collections and new flavors.

Our Manassas Bakery is Coming Soon!

We are getting close!!! In just a few weeks, our new storefront Manassas bakery in Old Town should be open. In the meantime, you may notice a delay in our response to emails and new orders.

Our first priority, as always, is getting the orders out the door. After that, we work our way through the emails and new orders. At the same time we are selecting the last few pieces of equipment, arranging installation, ordering a bzillion supplies for the new space and working out all the little things. So, we have a bit going on and we appreciate your patience.

If you have placed an order and haven’t received a reply, certainly email us again. Although it will take longer than our normal 24 hour response time, we will get to you. We look forward to baking for you and we hope to see you soon in our new bakery.

Join us in building a new home for our bakery!

Enjoy a safe bakery made possible by customer funding.

Support our expansion–add a Build a Bakery gift card (or two or ten) to your order!

Your money will be an investment toward your future purchases while making a walk-in peanut, nut and egg free bakery a reality.  Think donuts and cinnamon rolls and coffee!!

Email us at, telling us how many you would like—no limit, no expiration date.  We will send you an invoice which you can pay online and receive your cards in the mail.

Our rules:  Cards can be redeemed after the store opening (approximately October 2016).  Only one card can be used per visit or online order and only for the full $10.

Our campaign is off to a great start.  Please help us meet our goal–500 of our great customers to purchase 5 cards or more.  Spread the news!

Thank you! We are busy …

and now booked through May 9.  If you have orders for later in May and June, please send them in as soon as you can.  This is the busiest time of year for the bakery.  The more advance notice we have, the more orders we can accommodate.

We look forward to baking for you!

egg free bakery

How do you have an egg free bakery?

At our egg free bakery, I am often asked, “What do you use in place of eggs?”.  The answer is perseverance.

Our first order for vanilla cupcakes was for plain egg-free, peanut-free, and nut-free cupcakes that children were going to decorate themselves.  Which meant that they not only had to taste good, they had to look good without the help of frosting to hide any anomalies (if you have attempted egg-free baking, you know what I mean).  These “simple” treats also had to stay firm when little hands slathered frosting on them.  Over 80 cupcakes later, we had 48 that looked presentable.  My kids enjoyed eating the extras, for awhile.

Eggs play a number of roles (should I say “rolls”?) in baking.  They provide moisture, leavening, and structure–adding stiffness or flexibility depending on the product.  They are versatile, inexpensive, and, unfortunately for those with egg allergies, considered essential in baking.

Egg Free Bakery – Patience and Practice

Replacing them is challenging but possible.  We use a variety of alternatives depending on the egg’s role in the product.  Some replacements excel in leavening, adding all those little bubbles that make dough or batter rise.  Others provide structure without being stiff.   In some cases, when eggs serve as a multi-function tool, we use a few substitutes carefully combined to achieve the right taste and texture.  Success depends not just on the ingredient we substitute but also the techniques for mixing, baking, cooling, and decorating.

Testing is a huge part of egg free baking, as is patience and practice.   We’ve been analyzing, testing, and practicing for over 10 years.   It can still be challenging but also rewarding and, eventually, delicious.

~Kelly, Owner and Baker


egg free valentines cookies

Nut Free & Egg Free Valentines Cookies

Our baker / owner Kelly has designed a wonderful collection of Valentines cookies that can be delivered locally in Virginia, DC or Maryland or shipped anywhere in the US.  As are all of our products, these cookies are peanut free, tree nut free and egg free.  This is a wonderful surprise gift for a grandchild with food allergies!  It is a super convenience for a classroom mom trying to find an inclusive, safe snack for the Valentines party.  If you need the cookies to also be dairy free, please make sure to note this on your order request form.

Our gallery photos show how carefully we pack each shipping box. Our shipping box has bubble wrap in the bottom and shredded packing material surrounds our cookie box. Inside the cookie box is more bubble wrap and each cookie is in a separate sleeve.  More cookies are underneath the top layer so keep unpacking.

The photos above show our nut free / egg free Valentines cookies collection.  It includes iced hearts of different sizes and our traditional butterscotch cookies.  Many sizes are available!

oatmeal cookies

Our KickStarter Campaign

Read about our KickStarter campaign.

We love bringing you egg free and nut free baked goods.  Our dream is to have a storefront bakery in Manassas where you can stop by any time for our fresh baked goods.  Our cakes, cupcakes, and cookies will always be nut free and egg free!

Watch the video to see our mission right now and our vision for the future. Continue Reading →

food allergy support

Recommended Food Allergy Groups

Food allergy support groups and businesses can be a huge help to those families living with food allergies. This is the national FARE which provides a host of information as well as support group contacts. If you are in the Northern Virginia area, consider joining this active support group. Food allergies are tough and it’s very helpful and encouraging to have friends who understand.

If you are in Loudoun County, you may want to consider joining the Loudoun Allergy Network at

Learn about Sunbutter, the terrific alternative to peanut butter. For more products and information, check out their site.

Yummy chocolate snacks are available at Vermont Nut Free –

Also, the friendly, helpful folks at for the Bristow, VA area.

Visit online or in person. A terrific toy store and supporter of the Loudoun Allergy Network’s Food Allergy Awareness Day.