Our baker / owner Kelly has designed a wonderful collection of Valentines cookies that can be delivered locally in Virginia, DC or Maryland or shipped anywhere in the US.  As are all of our products, these cookies are peanut free, tree nut free and egg free.  This is a wonderful surprise gift for a grandchild with food allergies!  It is a super convenience for a classroom mom trying to find an inclusive, safe snack for the Valentines party.  If you need the cookies to also be dairy free, please make sure to note this on your order request form.

Our gallery photos show how carefully we pack each shipping box. Our shipping box has bubble wrap in the bottom and shredded packing material surrounds our cookie box. Inside the cookie box is more bubble wrap and each cookie is in a separate sleeve.  More cookies are underneath the top layer so keep unpacking.

The photos above show our nut free / egg free Valentines cookies collection.  It includes iced hearts of different sizes and our traditional butterscotch cookies.  Many sizes are available!