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Always nut free and egg free and delicious. Delivery to VA, MD and DC.

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We understand about food allergies. At nine months of age, our third son was allergic to more than 10 foods.  He has survived, Yea!, and is now a young adult. He is still severely allergic to both eggs and peanuts.

Cookies and cakes are certainly not vital to our lives, but they add a lot of joy, especially for children.  We make these fun, enjoyable treats available to those with egg and nut allergies (and those who live with them).  We can also accommodate soy and dairy allergies – please let us know what you would like.

As you may have many questions, we respond as quickly as possible to order requests.  Bring us your unusual requests as well as the standard ones.  It is our pleasure to bake for you!

Kelly Britton Stroh