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Store Policy

Store Policy

At The Lemonade Bakery, our goal is to provide fresh, fun, and safe baked goods at an affordable cost.  These policies are one way we hope to ensure our customers get the best experience possible and that every order receives equal attention.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.




All food sales are final.

Details must be confirmed in advance by the customer via payment as specified on the invoice.

Payment for custom orders must be made in advance and in accordance with terms listed on the invoice.

Failure to provide prompt payment as specified in the invoice may result in the cancellation of your order at the discretion of The Lemonade Bakery.

If an order is cancelled after payment is made refunds will consist of store credit only at the discretion of The Lemonade Bakery.

Cancellations and alterations to orders must be made one week in advance.

Any problems arising from late delivery are subject to a return of the delivery charge (or a portion of the delivery charge) based on the following considerations:

  • Did the good(s) arrive in a timely and reasonable manner?
  • Were the good(s) usable for the specified event?
  • Did the good(s) arrive to the correct address and in good condition?
  • Was a specific delivery time requested?

Refunds for problems arising from the custom design of an order are subject to review by The Lemonade Bakery.  Refunds will be in store credit ONLY.  Each request for a refund regarding an issue with the design of an order will be assessed on a case by case basis on the following concerns:

  • Did the order meet the allergy needs specified in the invoice?
  • Was the order free of imperfections that would otherwise deem the product inedible?
  • Did the custom design meet a reasonable likeness to the requested image and/or the terms specified in the invoice?
  • Did the order as a whole deviate exceedingly from the terms of the invoice without good cause?